General School Uniform

To order SJB uniform items, you may do either of the following:

  1. Complete the order sheet and fax it to Mity Wear Inc. (fax (604) 872 – 8268)  Your items will be delivered to the school for you to pick up 10-14 days after the order has been placed. SJB UNIFORM ORDER FORM
  2. Go to Mity Wear Inc. in Vancouver to try on sample sizes.  (#201, 62 w. 4th Avenue, Vancouver (604) 707 – 1078) Your items can be directly picked up from the warehouse or delivered to the school if it is not in stock.

All uniforms must to be ordered through Mity Wear Inc.  To ensure a consistent quality and look for all our students, no other name brand or styles are allowed to be worn as the school uniform.