Fine Arts

2012 Fall Production: Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain gave our audiences laughs and thrills as the Fine Arts Department came together, once again, to produce a top-notch production of the classic story.

Fabulous singing and dancing filled the stage while the band provided live music accompaniment.


2012 Spring Production: Pride and Prejudice


The timeless classic of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. This was a completely student run production, and lots of thought, effort and time was made to make this play a success.

“teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organized objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

-Andrew Carnegie

2011 Winter Production: Grubbs: A Christmas Tale

This year’s musical theatre production, Grubbs: A Christmas Tale, was a true grass roots community effort.  The collaboration of students, alumni, parents, teachers and the Fine Arts Department brought to life a spark of an idea, an  aspiration, a dream of what can be accomplished when everyone works together.

This original screenplay and production featured the Nativity Story with a modern day secular Christmas story.  Mr. Grubbs was the central character who experienced an epiphany in his life.  The two stories appeared quite separate at first, but were cleverly weaved into one.

Though made up of two very different storylines, the students of SJB, as always, embraced this year’s project full heartedly. Their creative talents wove the stories into a beautiful tapestry of rich colour and brilliance that wooed audiences of every age group.



2010 Production

Fiddler on the Roof was one of the most memorable experiences in SJB Musical theatre history. We had over 90 students participating this year in either backstage, the orchestra, or on stage.Drama: Fiddler on the RoofThe students dedicated countless hours to practice and set building. The orchestra was led by a wonderful parent volunteer who did an incredible job preparing our students to handle the challenging music.

There is nothing in comparison to having live music played in the theatre and this group did not disappoint. Onstage, a talented group of actors from grades 8-12 began preparing in early September and braved daily practices and gruelling Saturdays to memorize lines and stage cues. With the vocal direction, their final performances were flawless and entertaining.

Behind the scenes our backstage crew made it all happen. From set design, to props, costumes, lighting and sound, the crew were the heart of the whole play pulling every aspect together. Our students were supported by wonderful parent and alumni volunteers.

Drama Department : Fiddler on the RoofThis is what makes SJB so unique. An opportunity to showcase the individual talents of our students displayed through the efforts and support of their parents, teachers, and peers. The entire experience was something to remember and in the end SJB’s version of Fiddler on the Roof became just that!

Kristina Choboter
Director Fiddler on the Roof


A Complete Fine Arts Program

St. John Brebeuf strives to stimulate the enduring interest in the arts through knowledge and practical experience. Through the disciplines of the theatre, visual arts and music, our students are inspired to express themselves, explore their creative sides, develop their skills and enjoy the rewards of a performance.

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